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Bali has a number of great facets to it – incredible culture, fantastic food, great beaches – but when looking for somewhere with fantastic nightlife, Bali really does meet every single requirement. Whether you are looking for a late, boozy night in a large nightclub or a relaxed evening in a bar sipping on a few glasses of wine, Bali is the perfect place to be!

When looking at Bali’s nightlife, it is tough to roll it all into one in a cohesive manner. That is why this article will take Bali’s three biggest tourist hotspots – Kuta, Ubud and Seminyak – and walk you through the best points of each when it comes to late night revelry. As those who have visited Bali before will know, each of these places is hugely different from the others, so there is a place for everyone, regardless of their wishes!


Kuta is known as being the most vibrant of all Bali’s towns and is the perfect place to head to if you are looking for loud music, big clubs and a really youthful feel. It has long been popular with young travellers from Australia and the rest of Asia, but only now is it starting to attract a worldwide crowd of those seeking enjoyment. First appearances can be deceiving though, as Kuta offers more to its nightlife than just loud bass lines and drunken revelry…

That being said, the easiest place to start when it comes to Kuta’s nightlife is with the more youth oriented clubs and bars. The first thing that will be noticed about Kuta nightlife is that it doesn’t get going until very late in the evening. Even if you arrive at one of the many clubs at midnight, you are likely to find the place half empty; have no fear though, as it will fill up as the night wears on. Dress code for most of these clubs is casual, but they won’t let you in if you are still wearing the clothes you were in for a day on the beach though!

Although Kuta is still typically Balinese, the most popular nightclub in town is very western indeed, as it is the Hard Rock Café, which is a brand found all over the world. This Hard Rock Cafe is more chilled than others though, with live bands often taking the place of DJs and a number of different cocktails available to complement the exotic setting. As you might expect, at night it gets incredibly busy and the drinks are more expensive than anywhere else, but it is still somewhere that must be visited. Other nightclubs, such as Kamasutra and the Couple Bar, are also very much worth a visit and offer a slightly more local flavour to their entertainment.

It mustn’t be forgotten that there is also a lot for less hedonistic holidaymakers to do in Kuta as well though, although this is usually found away from the beach! There are a number of little bars and restaurants to spend the evening in and they can vary from trendy modern establishments to more traditional Balinese places. The added bonus of heading to the less frequented places is that the cost of a beer is much less there!


Ubud is well known as being the cultural heart of Bali, and as such it doesn’t attract the hedonistic crowd that can be found in Kuta. This means that the various bars and other drinking establishments are much more relaxed, a lot quieter and also that drinks can be purchased at a more than reasonable price! What it does mean as well though is that there’s not a huge amount of variety in the evening, so if staying there for a week or more, you will end up going back to the same place a number of times.

Perhaps the most popular hangout for tourists and locals alike in the evening is the Jazz Café, which is a relaxed and cool bar serving both food and drink well into the evening. Granted, it isn’t the liveliest of places on the island, but if you’ve been out all day exploring the various sites around Ubud, it is the perfect place to come to unwind.

Another of the best places to go in Ubud is the Napi Orti, which is a small bar hidden away from the gaze of the rest of the world. It has a distinctly bohemian feel to it – which is perfect for the town that it is in – yet is unpretentious and serves drinks by the bucket load. If you are looking for a great place to go after everywhere else has shut, then this is perfect!

As can be seen, Ubud is a place to go for relaxing evenings and cultural experiences – not for raucous parties and unlimited alcohol. That being said though, the calm and tranquility surrounding this majestic town will make you feel right at home, whichever bar you happen to choose.


There isn’t much to say when it comes to Seminyak’s nightlife, apart from the fact that it is catered towards those with more expensive tastes. This small town located near to Kuta is a favourite among the more moneyed class and the bars and restaurants here reflect that!

There are a number of different bars along the seafront and all of them serve exquisite cocktails and all manner of other drinks. They also often serve some snacks as well, which provide the perfect accompaniment to a late night drink or two. Just remember to bring your wallet when going out for a beer in this part of the island!




Get entertained while you are at Bali and enjoy your stay in the island. And the entertainment options are many as well ranging from the traditional music and dance performances to international DJ's holding nightlong parties. There are a number of theaters and music clubs that open their doors every night for the tourist and the locals. Check out the famous monkey dance at the Pasar Senggol – this dance is based on the Hindu epic Ramayana. Pasar Senggol comes with a piped orchestra and bamboo instruments. Taman Werdi Budaya is another place you can go to see music and dance performances.


Other traditional dance performances you can watch in Bali are the Bebali, Wali (which is a sacred dance), and also the Balih-balihan.


Want to catch the latest Hollywood blockbuster? Head to Denpasar and its cinema complexes where you can also view the best of Asian movies. Movie complexes are however located in other parts of the island as well.


There are many sporting options in Bali and they range from scuba diving, snorkeling, squash, tennis, golfing, paragliding, fishing, white water rafting and many others.


Bali nightlife is most active at Kuta, Legian & Seminyak, Tuban, Nusa Dua, Sanur and at Ubud. When the Sun goes down, Bali comes to life and most of it happens on the coast. Check out the cafes, the bars and the cafes – there's even an Apache Reggae Bar. At some places International DJ's perform from 10.00 in the night to dawn.


Bali Peanuts Club is located at Kuta and this is where you will find a huge dance floor, lots of entertainment including pool tables. The drinks come cheap and live music makes the atmosphere compelling.


If you love Salsa dancing then you should head to Benny's Bistro for some live Latin music and the Salsa rhythm.


Double Six is another dance bar that attracts a good crowd. You can experience night bungee jumping here.


Care for some live cabaret? Head to Musro in Tuban. Laser shows and Karaoke are also held here.


The Nusa Dua Beach Hotel's Club Tabuh in Sanur hosts guest bands, theme nights, fashion parades and ladies nights.



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